FRIEND-SHIP Presentation for Teacher Training

FRIEND-SHIP Teacher Diary

Peer relationships in school years seem to affect significantly children’s social development and well-being. The FRIEND-SHIP Intervention Program was therefore designed to strengthen students’ social-emotional skills (empathy, collaboration, self-control, assertiveness) with an emphasis on their prosocial behavior. Students learn to recognize their own feelings and those of their peers and develop the ability to deal with them. Furthermore, it is aimed to enhance students’ self-awareness (self-concept) and increase their understanding of inclusion and acceptance of diversity. Ultimately, peer inclusiveness and development of new friendships while strengthening existing relationships should be an important outcome. The program is designed for students aged 8-12 years old and consists of 12 sessions, each lasting 45-60 minutes. Over a six-week period, class teachers deliver two sessions per week.  Prior to this, teachers receive a training on how to deliver the intervention as well as how to use the IO2 digital tool.

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