FRIEND-SHIP Conference

The FRIEND-SHIP project began in September 2019 with comparative desk research on programs improving students' social participation. Key success factors from these programs were implemented in the FRIEND-SHIP intervention program, a school-based intervention to improve social participation among students ages 8 to 11. In addition, an open-access digital tool was developed that allows teachers to assess their students' relationships and see their classroom social networks at a glance. During the final conference, the qualitative and quantitative evaluation results from Austria, Germany, Greece and Portugal were presented to a wider audience. The conference also served to familiarize the conference participants with the FRIEND-SHIP digital tool. Hannu Savolainen from the University of Eastern Finland was invited to present a school-wide program based on the positive behaviour approach. During a panel discussion with a teacher, a representative from the Austrian school authority as well as researchers the different perspectives on the topic of inclusion of all students were discussed. Furthermore, mutual expectations were addressed in order to bring schools, universities and school administrator closer together. Last but not least emerging researchers working on the topic of inclusion were given the possibility to present the current study results within a poster session.