Improving students’ social participation in primary and secondary schools across Europe

Friendship is one of the most important features of social participation in a student's life. However, it shows, that for many students – especially those with special educational needs, refugees, students with problems in learning or chronic diseases – that their embedding in the class community is inadequate in terms of friendships, acceptance by their classmates and the associated self-perception. Friendships are also endangered by increased digitalisation and use of mobile devices, which hinder students to enter into social contact. Hence, this project wants to promote social participation and inclusive education through the FRIEND-SHIP intervention programme – a low-threshold programme with educators and students in a 6-week period.

Inclusive schooling affects all students and is not limited to a national perspective. All schools are legally compelled to move forward towards inclusive schooling. In this regard, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN, 2007) has been ratified by most European countries, among them Austria, Germany, Portugal and Greece – the partner countries in this project.




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Teacher Training in Vienna/27.-28.9.2021

In Vienna, the teacher training took place from 27.09. to 28.09.2021 with nine teachers from primary and secondary schools.


Teacher training in Germany on 27.08./28.08.21 (school 1) and 27.08./02.09.21 (school 2)

In Germany, the FRIEND-SHIP teacher training took place on two dates: The first school attended the training on Friday, 27.08.21 and Saturday,...


Teacher Training in Portugal/01., 08 & 15.10.2020

The FRIEND-SHIP teacher training took place in Portugal on 1, 8 and 15 October 2020 in the partner school Externato Nossa Sra.


Teacher Training in Greece/02.10.-03.10.2020

The FRIEND-SHIP teacher training took place in Greece on Friday 02/10/2020 and on Saturday 03/10/2020.

Project Summary