The FRIEND-SHIP Digital Tool


Peer relationships play an important role in student’s school well-being. However, it can sometimes be demanding for teachers to gain insight into classroom networks. Therefore, the FRIEND-SHIP Digital Tool was developed to support teachers to learn more about their students’ relationships. The tool presents students’ social networks in an easy, quick and applicable way by using an electronic device. The students rate the relationships, their contacts and their feelings of closeness to peers in their class. These ratings are used to create a ‘FRIEND-SHIP-network’ in the respective class which allows the teacher to review these relationships at a glance. Subsequently, after using this tool, teachers can classify the degree of inclusion of each student in terms of relationships in class and apply different activities.


How to start with the FRIEND-SHIP Digital Tool:

1.    Before using the tool: Please make sure to check if you need a permission or an ethical approval by the local school authority and inform parents or ask for permission if needed.

2.    Read the user guide and watch the video (see below) to get more information on how to use the tool.

3.    Apply the FRIEND-SHIP Electronic Tool one week before starting the FRIEND-SHIP intervention program. However, it is also possible to use the FRIEND-SHIP Digital Tool independently to get an insight in the class network.

4.  After using the tool with your class, read the guidelines for the social network analysis. They will help you to interpret the network of your class.

5.  Visit this page to view the ‘FRIEND-SHIP-network’ of your class.

6.  Implement the FRIEND-SHIP intervention program in your class.

7.  Assess the social network of your class after the intervention by using the FRIEND-SHIP Digital Tool once again. Then compare the pre- and post-intervention social network data of your class provided by the FRIEND-SHIP Digital Tool.


Alternatively, you can also access the students' questionnaire via the following QR code:




How to use the FRIEND-SHIP Digital Tool: